Infinite Eye Care's Reading Bug Program

Who is it for?

The Infinite Eye Care Reading Bug program is for kids of all ages! They can sign up, win prizes, and have fun reading throughout the summer. Children, who are not yet reading on their own, participate in a “Read to Me, Please” program by having someone share 20 books with them. Elementary age students will complete their program by reading 10-15 books, depending on their age level, throughout the summer months.

Why the Reading Bug?

  • Statistics point to the disappointing loss of learning that takes place when young people are not in school during the summer.

  • This devastating event is referred to as the “summer slide.”  The average student can lose up to one month of instruction.

  • Early development of summer reading habits play a role in providing the foundation fo later success.  Research points out that increased reading reduces summer slide.

  • Every Summer, Infinite Eye Care provides a program giving motivation for kids to read by offering prizes to EVERYONE turning in a reading log to our office between June 3rd to August 16th, 2019. It is fun for the kids and truly a joy for us knowing we are making a difference. 

Reading Bug Sponsors
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