Ocular Allergy Services

Eyes often will become red and itchy if you have allergies.  Allergies can be seasonal, year round or due to contact lens solutions or materials.  There can be many causes for allergies including plants, mold, animal dander, flora and many other causes.  Allergies come from your body recognizing an antigen (allergy cause) as a foreign material.  This triggers a reaction to produce histamine that causes redness and itchiness to the body or eye areas.  Rubbing your eyes  or affected allergic areas is not the answer as it can actually increase the body’s allergic response and make matters worse. 


Treatments fall into many categories.  Some immediate for now and others for maintenance long term.  Infinite Eye Care has many options available that will offer you relief. Some over the counter medications are sufficient but often, more potent treatments are needed for a comfortable outcome.  We will take the time to help you understand what your options are and turn the red  and itchy to clear and white.