LASIK Services

Many patients are interested in finding out IF LASIK surgery is right for them.  Infinite Eye Care doctors have worked with refractive surgery patients for more than 15 years.  Finding out if you’re a good candidate is what we do.   Recommending how to give you the best results for your individual needs is what we do well.  Because we are your family eye doctor, we will start with a comprehensive evaluation of your eyes to look for weak points and strengths in your choice to have the procedure done. Our equipment and knowledge of the procedure will help us to know whether you are a good candidate and why. 


Once we determine what your goals are, we may need to have you be out of contact lenses for 1-3 weeks (depending on what you are currently wearing).  At that time, we will recheck your vision in a special way to deliver more accuracy of the procedure’s end results.  We have worked with the area’s top surgeons and know which ones and which technology will work best with your unique eyes.  After we schedule you with the right surgical options at the right place you will have the actual procedure done which typically only takes a few minutes and when you are done, we will follow up with progress exams right here at Infinite Eye Care making sure your eyes are healing well.


There is a lot more to LASIK than walking into a strange clinic, doing a simple procedure and walking out with great vision. We will help you understand how the whole experience works from beginning to end. 


Call our office with any questions.