Contact Lens Specialist

Contact Lens Specialist

It is our goal to create crisp, clear vision with the most comfortable contact lenses for each patient’s individual needs. After 20+ years of experience with contact lenses, we have great knowledge of the advancements of materials, solutions, and designs allowing a large amount of patients who previously could not wear them come back into the market successfully.


Improvements occurring are:


  1. More breathable materials (Silicon Hydrogels)

  2. More wettable surfaces

  3. More complete working solutions & wetting agents

  4. UV protection in many materials

  5. More protein resistant materials

  6. Better education of patients

  7. Disposable Contacts Daily, Biweekly, Monthly for cleaner wear

  8. Better Bifocal system contacts for presbyopes (Synergeyes)

  9. Better rewetting solutions for dry eye patients

  10. Treatments for patients dry eyes / allergy eyes before contact lens insertion


With these advancements and many years of experienced training, Infinite Eye Care doctors will be able to fit a significant amount of patients with full time or part time wear of contact lenses. Our contact lens trial inventory has over 10,000 trial lenses in stock so we can usuallydispense  lenses allowing you to see on the same day of your office visit with us. That is a convenience sought after by many patients. 


We can prescribe any type of contacts to work with the individual needs of our patients, including bifocal wearers, astigmatism (normal and unusual) nearsightedness, farsightedness, cosmetic tints and diseased eyes like keratoconus, corneal dystrophies, and highly Irregular amounts of optical distortions.  There are hundreds of contact lens types that may work for our patients. We will take the time needed to make sure there is a perfect fit for each individual.


Below are contact lenses we work with at Infinite Eye Care. However we have knowledge and access to many more. 



    • *Acuvue Oasys Hydroclear (Astigmatism & MultiFocal)

    • *Acuvue Vitas

    • Acuvue 1 Day Moist (Astigmatism)

    • Acuvue 1 Day Hydrolux

  • Air Optix

    • Colors *Night & Day

    • (Astigmatism & Multifocal)

  • Biofinity

    • (XR & Astigmatism & Multifocal)

  • Clairity H20 Daillies

    • (Astigmatism & Multifocal)

  • Daillies Aqua Comfort Plus

    • (Astigmatism)

  • Flexlens
    Freshlooks Colors

  • Phantom Cosmetic lens

  • Proclear

    • (Daillies&Multifocal&Astigmatism)

  • Synergeye Duette Hybrid

  • Gas Permable Lens 

  • Frequency 55

  • Vertex XR

Duette Hybrid Lens Patient Video

Hybrid Removal Tips 

Bifocal Users can get BETTER vision and Better Depth perception with special contact lenses like MULTIFOCALS illustrated below.  Call our office and find out why.

Where distance vision meets near and everything in between.

How to safely apply soft contact lenses
How to safely remove soft contact lenses