Cataract Services

A cataract is an opacity or clouding of the natural lens in the eye.  Most common causes include UV light rays, heridity, and smoking.  If a cataract gets too large (or ripe), it starts interfering with our vision similar to looking through a dirty window (Dirty Window Phenomenon).  At this stage, new glasses will not help your vision.  


At you annual eye exam, Infinite Eye Care checks for cataracts and their progression.  While genetics have a large part in one’s chances of getting them, lifestyle changes and the wearing of quality sunglasses in your younger years can help in the prevention as UV light has a lot to do with their onset. 


If and when the cataract starts affecting your lifestyle (i.e., you can no longer drive comfortably at night or see well enough for work, etc.), you will need to have them removed (IOL Surgery).  Infinite Eye Care doctors will help you make the determination when we should have your IOL surgery done and find the best surgeons to help you take care of this very successful procedure.  After you are scheduled by our staff and have the procedure, Infinite Eye Care will follow up with you to ensure the proper healing takes place before we eventually get you a final NEW POST IOL glasses Rx so that you can see your best.